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Salesforce Development

The Best Salesforce developers 

CaseNine belongs to the best of the best in Salesforce development. Our team consists of skilled and talented developers specialized in Salesforce development. All of our developers have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science and are certified Salesforce developers. We value quality over quantity and like to take on a challenge. 

CaseNine is one of the few companies around that actually writes code within the Salesforce environment. At CaseNine we take it a step further than just drag and drop, and create solutions for complex issues.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM platform. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and that is exactly what you can do with Salesforce, manage every aspect of your customers. The Salesforce platform goes way beyond a system where you can enter a customer’s basic data. Salesforce is a platform where users can utilize all sorts of data to make, for example, behavioral predictions, where users can create and send out quotes and invoices, and much more. The possibilities are almost endless. 

For most of our clients Salesforce is a CRM, but it can be so much more than that. At CaseNine, we mostly use Salesforce as a development platform.

What is Salesforce development?

A Salesforce developer uses Salesforce to create new functionalities for clients that go beyond the existing functionalities on the platform. For example, at Fudura they needed an asset register, a functionality that does not exist within the standard Salesforce environment. At Engie they wanted to build a process for creating an offer to creating and managing a contract within Salesforce. Next to building these kinds of Salesforce integrations, Salesforce also allows developers to use the platform to create applications of their own. Salesforce users can download these apps, for free or paid, from the AppExhange, an app store similar to the Apple or Android store. 

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Salesforce Developer Vacancies

Are you a software engineer and you work best in a small team, a horizontal organization and do you want to work for a company where you get the freedom to execute your own ideas? Then we are looking for you! Take a look at our job offers to see what we can offer you. 

Vacancy jr. software engineer

Have you just graduated or do you have a couple of years experience, but are you ready for something new? Check out our vacancy below. 

Vacancy jr. software engineer


Vacancy sr. software engineer

Are you an experienced software engineer, are you interested in coaching new talent, having big Dutch companies as your client and are you ready for a new challenge? Check our our vacancy below. 

Vacancy sr. software engineer


Software developer internship

Are you in your final year of a bachelor or master course software engineering, IT, computer science or something similar and are you looking for an internship or a graduation project? CaseNine is the place to be!

Software developer internship

Employee Testimonials

Valentina Loreto


Jr. Software engineer

I began to dive into Salesforce development a little before starting at CaseNine. Understandably, I was a bit weary of whether I’d be able to learn fast enough: it was all rather new and I was afraid of falling prey to the infamous imposter’s syndrome.

However, I immediately found myself surrounded by a really supportive group of people and a beyond friendly work environment, where there is constant encouragement to not only advance in your technical learning but also focus on developing the soft skills needed to thrive in communication-intensive business situations. Working at CaseNine is my first full time experience working as a software engineer and I couldn’t have asked for a better place.


Colin Hamer

Colin Hamer CaseNine

Sr. Software engineer

At CaseNine we work with a small but involved group on all sorts of applications for a variety of clients. Because of this you have the possibility to work on and learn from different kinds of projects. There is time to work on your skills and there is a strong culture to support and help each other. Also, there is time for fun team events and visiting conferences. 

Working as an external party offers a wide range of fun challenges. I enjoy communicating directly with the stakeholders or even the end users of the software. You also encounter new techniques and issues, these provide for a great learning experience. Next to that, it is also fun and educational to look behind the scenes of small and large companies.

Sasmita Santoso

Sasmita Santoso CaseNine

Software engineer 

My first impression of Casenine was when I just joined Casenine and was invited for lunch to meet the team. I thought “oh! How ‘gezellig’”. The atmosphere was relaxed but also young.

Workwise, we work in a small team on different projects but we can always discuss with the whole team if we have any problems. Furthermore, I also have enough time and guidance to develop myself in soft and hard skills.

Jimmy Vermeulen

Jimmy Vermeulen CaseNine-1

Jr. software engineer 

I chose CaseNine because it is a nice company where I can make a good start as a junior software engineer. CaseNine not only supports me with developing my skills on the Salesforce platform, but also with modern development methods and techniques that help me become a skilled engineer on all aspects of the job.

Why CaseNine

Personal development 

We value you and your personal development. Every six weeks, with our so-called ‘develop yourself’ sessions we focus on your personal development, soft skills and your technical skills. Usually these skills you would like to improve are input from yourself. We encourage you to reflect and keep on developing yourself. 

Technical development

Technical development is also an important part of the job. As a team we learn from each other, there is a fast learning curve and we love solving puzzles and developing solutions. The team consists of talented developers who use high-end working methods and who actively find each other and work on a problem together. Every Friday we set an hour apart for ‘power hour’; an hour to work on studying for certification or another type of course you could study for. 

Our culture

At CaseNine we are very proud of our work culture. CaseNine provides an inspiring and inclusive work environment, where there is mutual trust, responsibility, flexibility and freedom. There is a horizontal working structure and we value a good and healthy work/life balance.

The fun stuff

Of course it is not always serious business. As most of us are at the office on Friday, we eat lunch together every Friday. Overall, we like good food, eating out and often combine them with fun activities.

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